Since our inception in 2006, Eastern
is a mainstream dispatch company, specifically catering the financial sector.
We offer several foot, bike and motor vehicle messenger throughout Pakistan to ensure satisfied movement of your dispatch needs.
Although the name is new but ECS has team of dedicated professionals related to Courier business for more than a decade.
Customer via Internet is sending query and receiving pod’s, etc. Messenger receives job and notifies dispatch when job is complete and who sign for delivery and time of delivery.
Dispatch receives job and depute it to
Customer Service operators receive job
information and send job to dispatch and billing
Eastern Major Banks Like United Bank Ltd. And CITI BANK and Visa and Master cards related dispatches with almost all major financial institutions in Pakistan dealing with card operations.
Our turn around time is excellent and error rate is lowest among all companies catering these clients.(this can be verified by their staff).
Eastern total Modus Operandi is carefully designed to minimize defects.